You probably already know what a video blog is – it’s pretty much verbal content posted for your target audience to view. Why are video blogs becoming so dominant in the marketing world though? We think that it’s because of these reasons.


  • They give marketers a wider reach. Companies are exposed to high traffic areas that they ordinarily would not have been exposed to if they were just posting written content. They can reach the realms of places like YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo. Users can even embed their videos into their websites and share them through social media or through emails.


  • Videos give life to testimonials. Testimonials in themselves are a major boost for your business’s brand, so double-boosting your testimonials by placing them in videos is a big plus. Persuasive testimonials on videos are much more convincing to see and hear, than those written in black and white, in which a visitor can hear no voice, experience no emotion or see real life faces.


  • You can add a sense of personality with videos. They can help you to inject a personality into your business’s brand. You are better able to connect with a viewer on a more personal and emotional level when they can see your face and hear your voice. It will be easier for them to learn to like you and trust you.


  • People are more likely to remember what you say in a video than what you type. The fact that you are exposed to so many marketing campaigns online means that your brain has to find a way to filter them out. The content from a video blog is more likely to stick with viewers than the content from a written blog.


  • You can get better search engine results. Did you know that “Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings”? That’s right – you’re very likely to have a better search engine optimization ranking if you post a good video blog.


  • Your customers are more satisfied and you have fewer returns. You can better show someone how something works, than tell them. When they can see for themselves how to use a product, they are more likely to be satisfied. When users have to imagine using a product, based on the information you wrote for them in the blogs, they are less likely to be satisfied with the actual outcome and they are more likely to return it upon realization of this.


  • You can easily create a personal connection with users. Like we mentioned before, videos can help you break down the barriers of mistrust or the sense of disconnection between audience and marketer. You can reduce “friction” with visitors and you can engage visitors with your content in a way that encourages them to become loyal customers instead of just spectators.



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