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9 Reasons to Upgrade

Your Website.

Your design is out-dated

Image is everything! It’s important to keep up appearances with your website. Just like any technology, consumers know what a out-dated website looks like. You need to stay ahead of the pack, you need to be driving a 2017!

Your navigation is confusing

If your navigation bar is anywhere else but static and always at the top of your website, you are missing out.  You are guaranteed to increase your conversion rates and user experience. There’s a reason why Facebook’s top navigation bar follows you.

Your updates are hard to make

You should be able to easily update your website by now with your current system.  If you don’t update your website because its hard and you don’t have the time, you need a better system because staying relevant is important.

Your not ranked well on Google

SEO is not rocket science! If your not ranked well on Google and getting traffic for keywords that make sense for your business locally, you need to find someone that is proven. Online leads should be at least 30% of your business.

Your competitors are better

You need to always be evaluating your market. If your letting your competitors look better than you with website you need to do something about it.  Just because you lost faith in websites doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Your content is hard to consume

Simplicity is effective! If consumers can’t understand who you are, what you offer and how you are different in 15 seconds then you are missing out.  Content is important but in most cases you need to cut it down.

Your design is not mobile friendly

OK! If you don’t know by now over 70% of all searches are done from a mobile device. If you still have a website that is NOT mobile friendly your making all your existing customers and potential consumers angry. Do something about it!

Your social media is not connected

If you don’t believe in social media by now your not thinking about it properly. In many cases your not thinking long term 5, 10, 15 years down the road. We are only becoming more connected online and you need to lay the ground work now.

Your not getting good results

It all comes down to traffic, conversions, leads and sales. The problem is most web designers are not digital marketing experts so all the leads and sales you were expecting to get from your website just never happened.

Benefits of a New Website

Improve Search Rankings

With more traffic to your website you will get in front of more people and get more attention for your business. Google is the #1 place for traffic and you could be tapping into that everyday, there is 3.5 billion searches done everyday! You need to start capturing search traffic to your website.  

Increase Conversion Rates

With a properly designed website you will be able to take that website traffic and connect quickly with people to capture them. Using proven digital marketing principles, strategies and tactics, you will increasing your conversion rates to get the calls, emails, clicks and walk-ins.

Increase Leads & Sales

Now that traffic is being converted into leads you will start seeing the sales. You have effectively shown value to your leads and they are responding by giving you money for your products and services. The next step is to up-sell your new customer to increase your average transaction value.

Happy Customers = Testimonials

“As the owner of a home building company, I’m always really busy.  It was such a hassle to try and get my website ranked on 1st page of Google – until I got in touch with Digital Growth.  In no time, they helped me to get ranked as #1 on Google for keywords in the construction industry.”

Mike Wiskin

Owner, Above All Custom Homes Kingston

“When people started complaining that my website wasn’t working well on their smart phones and tablets, I didn’t know what to do. Digital Growth explained to me that I needed to make my website mobile responsive for my customers. Thanks, guys!”

Chef Paul Rogalski

Owner, Bistro Rouge Calgary

“I usually don’t have the time to regularly update my business website, so I was really relieved when I got Digital Growth to do the updating for me. They are very responsive and I can always get a hold of them..Their process is quick and easy.”

Sharlene Millang

Owner, Edmonton Short Film Festival

“Managing a restaurant is no easy job, so just imagine managing 3 of them at once. It’s a good thing Digital Growth didn’t back down from the task. For a great price, they quickly and effectively manage all 3 of our restaurant websites and do regular updates on our menus.”

Chris Hovey

Marketing Manager, The Fishmarket Ottawa

“From my experience, the best thing about Digital Growth is that they help you get results for your business.  Our company had an old outdated website that needed to be re designed… badly. Digital Growth helped us improve our web presence for the better”

Andrew Vink

Owner, Herbs Towing Cornwall

“If you want a landing page done fast for your event, you should do the same thing we did. Get it created by Digital Growth’s professional website designers. We were able to launch on time and to my standards.”

Michel Robert

Marketing Manger, Manulift Montreal

Frequently Asked Questions


1) We send a simple questionnaire to learn more about your business.

2) Your web design preview will be completed and emailed to you within 3 days.

3) You will have 5 days to decide if you want to complete the full website and purchase one of our web package.

4) Your full website will be completed within 2 weeks, only if you decide to purchase.

If I DON't Like the Website Preview do I Have to Buy it?
NO, If you don’t like the preview we provide to you you don’t have to purchase a website package from us. 
Do I have to switch my existing hosting provider?
No, you don’t have to switch hosting providers. You can stay with your existing provider or you can switch to our dedicated server for $120/year.
Will my rankings be effected if I update my website?
No, your current Google rankings will not be effected. We also specialise in SEO and know how to make sure your page urls are not effected.
Do I own the entire website once completed?
Yes, once the website is completed we will send you the files and provide you the login information to your website. This will allow you to easily make changes to your website.
How much does it cost to make changes?
Once your website goes live you can update the website on your own for FREE using our CMS. However if you want us to do it for you, we charge $50/hour for updates and changes.
Can I easily update the website on my own?
Yes, you can update your website on your own easily using our CMS.

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$249CAD Website Preview

Get a NEW Website Design Preview of Your Website and See it Before you Buy it!