This is a great development for all English users around the world! If you’re a brand with an active Twitter account, users can now find you in their search results on Google’s desktop search. Google was testing it for about a month and made the feature official on Friday 21st, August, 2015.


Google announced the news with a tweet and Twitter promptly responded by saying that “If this sounds familiar it’s because Google started incorporating tweets on search results for US users on mobile devices in May. Now it has expanded the feature to the desktop for all English language searchers globally. The company had already extended mobile access to English users worldwide.”


Simply put, tweets will show up on the main column of the Google search results if they are relevant. Don’t worry; the audience doesn’t need to be only Twitter members. As long as they click on the link, they will be led to Twitter’s logged out experience website. This is great for companies who want to reach out to target members who are not Twitter members. The companies can continue to constantly tweet and not worry about the very relevant content not being seen.


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