Are you an email marketer? We know how powerful this marketing platform can be for your business. That’s why we’ve compiled these 4 marketing trends for those of you who are faithful to your email marketing campaigns. We hope you find them helpful.


  • Email Marketing Is Still The Best Thing Out

Did you know that 70% o customers have made purchases because of email marketing? Did you know that conversion rates for emails are triple as much as that of social media? Did you also know that email conversion is 1 percent higher than social media conversion? Yes, email is still thriving and it has a big impact on your customer transactions.


  • Mobile Usage

Another great thing about email marketing is that you can use it on different devices. You aren’t confined to your desktop. You can deal with your emailing using your smartphone or tablet. It is estimated that 53% or emails are read on mobile devices – about 23% more than 3 years ago.


  • Responsive Design

As an email marketer, you need to focus on the way your consumers are using their email, not so much on how your email design is structured. Too many designers are only concerned with the coding and design concept of responsive email design – that only ends up with “restructuring of the size of images or text on the email that will be viewed different depending on if someone is using a desktop or a mobile device.”


  • Action Data

Email marketing should be more focused on interacting with customers based on the things that they do in real time. When you know more about a person’s behavior, you have a better idea of what they’re looking for and thus, a better chance of selling it to them. Traditional marketing is “all about the plan”, but behavioral marketing is “all about the customer”.



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