What’s a “hack”? It’s simply a word used to make reference to a witty solution to a dilemma. In this case, if the problem is marketing your content, then boy oh boy do we have some hacks for you.


Check them out – you’ll be glad you did.


  • Try speaking the same language. It’s much easier to read and understand terminology, when it’s agreed on by everyone. ‘Acrolinx’, a terminology management tool, can help you with that. A consistent message is great for your brand too.


  • It’s okay not to be perfect. Actually, you should try not to be perfect. Remember, search engines aren’t looking for perfect work, so don’t beat yourself up over it.


  • Build a content community. They can help you anytime you’re in a muddle. Link up with other people who are passionate, strategic and creative when it comes to content.


  • Keep improving. Make a constant effort to try new ways of making your content available and useful to your audience.


  • Ask a pro. Interviewing a professional or quoting from them makes your content sound a whole lot more sound and reliable.


  • Edit your own content. Take the time out to do that. Ensure that you let all your workers know that you expect edited content, not the raw version.


  • Use the old stuff too. Even old information can be useful information. All you have to do is take it, revolutionize it and turn it into something your audience finds relevant and useful to them.


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