There are tons and tons of tactics that you can use to sell your products and services to people. No one method is the correct or steadfast method – there are different ways that you can get sales from your audience.


Keep trying new strategies and understand your background and your personality and you will get the hang of the sales tactics that works best for you and your company. Here are some interesting approaches you can use to sell your product or service:


  • Try the Instant Buddy. Your audience will be much more receptive to the folks they like. That’s why, if you express a warm, friendly persona to your prospects, they are likely to become emotionally connected to you. Ask questions and show interest in them – try to be genuine about it, because they may be able to sense that you’re not really who you try to portray.


  • Try the Guru. The guru is a problem-solver, a thinker – someone who uses logic, rather than emotion to deal with issues in their industry. People eventually respect them as an authority figure and they become much more likely to assume that the person will be able to solve the problem they are experiencing.


  • Try the Consultant. This person sells themselves as the mix between a buddy and a guru. This person is the expert in a field who also has a person’s best interest at heart. With the consultant method, the salesperson shows that they are exceptionally knowledgeable about their products and services and that they are equally capable of using that knowledge to match exactly what the person needs or wants.


  • Try the Networker. Like the name implies, this person builds and maintains networks with anyone he meets – be it customers, former customers, friends, other salespersons or other companies. Building these strong networks allows for a constant flow of possible leads.


  • Try the Hard Seller. This is no easy-going salesperson. Hard selling is sometimes thought of as “[scaring] the prospect into buying” and it uses this method to sell to people who don’t even want or need the product or service. It’s like bullying or manipulation…or even deception. Now it’s a sales method, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most ethical one and it doesn’t usually result in the customer making another purchase from the business.




Remember, that as a content marketer, your goal is to engage, inspire and stick with your audience. Your ultimate goal is to convert them and these sales tactics can help you do that. If you need help with this or any online marketing service, you can give us a call! Our website marketing company understands how to master the skills that relate to SEO, email marketing, social platforms, content, coding and more. Check us out today for all of your social media needs and more! We’re always willing to help!