If you haven’t got enough time on your hands to create a complex strategy for boosting your SEO, then you may see your business’s website suffer. It’s really important that you make at least a little time to focus on that crucial aspect of digital marketing. That’s why we brought to your attention, these simple, quick things you can do to boost your SEO campaign. You might just be surprised at some of the things you can do. Check them out below.


First of all, we advise that you choose the right URL for your website. Having a bad URL or domain name can really deter the Google search engine from crossing paths with it. In your URL, you should include your business name and a couple keywords that are relevant to your business. You should also ensure that your URL has a clean and simple ending, without all the dramatic characters, hashbangs, etc.


Secondly, you should make sure to create titles and descriptions for each page on your website. That way, you can provide your audience with an accurate and direct description of what your business does. You should also include several keywords and phrases for the search engine and the audience to recognize.


Thirdly, you need to make use of anchor text while you write text for your website. Remember, this is the text that visitor can click on and be taken directly to another web page on your site or on another one. Ensure that you add keywords and phrases in relation to the products and services your business offers.


Fourth of all, you should add alt text to all the images on your website, because search engines read the text on your images too. The alt text is a written description of the image; we advise that you include some keywords and the name of your business in your text as well.


Finally, you need to link your website with your social channels. Social media networks like Facebook and Google+ tend to have a significant impact on the rank your site gets on Google. Also, make sure to add noticeable icons for each of those channels to your website and ensure that the icons are directly linked to your profiles on those channels.


Remember, that as a marketer, your goal is to engage, inspire and stick with your audience. Your ultimate goal is to convert them. If you need help with this or any online marketing service, you can give us a call! Our website marketing company has the skills to take your SEO, email marketing, social marketing, and business to new heights and dominate your market. Check us out today for all of your marketing needs and more! We’re always willing to help!