Authenticity is the key – Just be yourself!

One of the best ways to engage with your consumers is to show them you’re just like them! “Humanizing” your business will build relationships, trust, and consumer confidence – translating into sales over the long period. This helps build a story and establish character about your business so customers trust they will have their expectations met and spread the word about your brand’s services. Creative and strategic posts on social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +) that show your TRUE colours will engage customers and encourage transactions! Social media is a must for building trust and confidence with prospective customers. If customers cannot find your social media page or worse they see a page that has little to no activity, they become wary and start to look elsewhere to get a better feel of a company that seems more trustworthy.


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Customers want more information today than ever and they want to “know” your company before they even call you. They want to know your story to try and paint a picture of what their buying experience may be like based on your company messages, photos, reviews, and interactions with posts and comments online. The wrong action is to avoid using social media for fear of the effort required or the potential responses from customers. The right thing to do is to control your story and post, upload, comment, reply, retweet etc. to shape your company story in a way that is favourable for your company. You can craft a story online through your profiles that will build confidence, trust, and interest in your products and services. Plus you can build a following of people who will provide valuable feedback about your business as well as push and promote your brand across social media to other like-minded customers with full wallets.


Let your TRUE colours shine with some of these social media tips:

  • Talk in first person (“we” or “I”)
  • Avoid the use of corporate jargon
  • Make your followers smile – Show your sense of humour
  • It’s not all about you – Help others out by sharing posts etc.
  • Don’t rely solely on automated posts – Share in real time

“Organic Shares Have Led To Real Referrals!”

“You guys helped us understand social media and how engaging with customers can translate into more sales as part of a long-term strategy. Social media was something we always stayed away from because we didn’t see how the effort could translate into actual sales. You helped us unlock the power of these networks and now our brand has been getting much more exposure and trust among our customers and prospects. Your team made social media a great investment and our engagement is up, plus customers like our page and the organic shares have led to real referrals. Good work DG”

– Chris de la Roche,

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