There’s launching your product and then there’s launching your product successfully. Which one of the two would you like to do? That’s what we thought – you want to launch your product effectively. We’ll show you how to increase your chances of launch success when you’re ready to release your product to the world.



You don’t want to have invested all your time, energy and money into a product or service that ends up as a floor mat rather than a flying carpet when you launch it. You want to maintain a steady and successful launch. There are 8 steps that can guide you in doing this.


  • People: You need to ensure that you target the right prospects. Targeting the wrong people definitely won’t help your brand to get sales.


  • Problem: Identifying the problem is a big part of the process. You need to remember that your product must fulfill a particular need or want of your audience. You should clearly articulate that to them when you want to launch your product.


  • Promise: Give them a promise of satisfaction. Show them that they will have an improved quality of life when they use your product and it fulfills their wants and needs.


  • Position: This is crucial for the product launch, because your users should trust you and see you as a figure of authority, which can help them get what they need.


  • Plan: Show them the plan. Explain to them how the product will work and how it can help them. Sometimes, it’s easy as 1-2-3, but other times, it may take more to bring the point across.


  • Pitch: The pitch is sort of like how you bring the message across to your audience. For instance, a fun, playful pitch may not be great from a room full of CEO’s, but it may be great for bunch of 14-year-olds.


  • Price: Make sure that your product is price-worthy. Ensure that you are familiar with the market prices and the value of your product, so that you’ll be able to set a price that your audience will understand and be willing to purchase your product for.


  • Place: Ensure that your audience is receiving your marketing efforts. You need to be sure that your launch is reaching into the right place.



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