Google Webmaster Tools is useful for dealing with your website’s technicalities. It can help your website developers to focus on things like page errors, rich snippets and crawl statistics. The Google Webmaster Tools are great for improving your Search Engine Optimisation and we want to show you six of the ways that it can do that.


  • Improvement of your HTML: The tools are able to identify any aspects of your site’s meta descriptions; its titles tags or any other content which may have errors or problems with indexing. That way, you’ll be able to correct these problems and keep working to boost your efforts in optimising them.


  • Optimising your content keywords: Remember that your keywords are what makes you stand out to a search engine and to your audience. Google Webmaster Tools makes it easier for you to see the way that Google sees your site. It will show you all the keywords that your site uses, the alterations to it and the variations of the word.


  • Shows you structured data: This can help to explain your website’s content to the search engines, so that traffic and rankings go up. Google Webmaster Tools can show you the type pf structured data that Google was able to find throughout your site.


  • Offers you the Data Markup Helper: You will be able to tag the data fields on your site, for events, products, etc. All you have to do is use your mouse to highlight and tag the key pieces of data on the correct area of your website.


  • There is Sitemap: This lets you to check out the sitemaps that you have added, along with the corresponding statistics. You will be able to see things like the last date it was processed and the number of pages that were submitted and indexed. Even better, the content-types are available for you to view them, such as Web, video, images and news. With sitemap you can also let Google detect any areas in your URL.


  • You have the option of removing URLs: There is a ‘Remove URLs’ feature in the Webmaster Tools just in case you need to (permanently) remove a URL. It’s a very potent tool, especially if you’ve made a potentially destructive mistake in terms of the content you shared on your website.



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