Facebook ads are GREAT for helping you reach the wider digital audience. You can easily update your fans on all your business’s developments, your events, your offers, your deadlines and more.


They’re actually much more effective than using Facebook posts and you get a much wider likelihood of updating your viewers, potential fans (who have similar characteristics to your current fans) and more email subscribers. We can’t forget the fact that Facebook gives you the ability to monitor the value and effectiveness of your investment, so that’s a plus!


You can even reach out to more of your existing fans. Did you know that fewer than 11% of your followers (most of who are extremely loyal) actually see what you post and share on Facebook? That’s not so good for business at all. That’s where Facebook Ads come in. You get much more fans’ attention with the ads, so you can be sure that what you’re posting is reaching the audience.


The ads can also help you to get in touch with people who are probably interested in your business. There’s a powerful Facebook targeting feature named “Lookalike Audiences” – it lets you use your current email contacts list to see your current subscribers and then create an audience that mirrors the people on your list.


Facebook Ads helps you with making the best of your current situation and your current advertising strategies. In other words, it helps you to extend the reach of your message, so that it is able to impact more and more potential customers and even your current customers.


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