Email marketing campaigns are one of the very effective marketing options for your business. There are a number of things that you should consider if you want to ensure that your email marketing campaign is successful in connecting with your target audience and your customers. Here are the things that we’re talking about – we’ve put them in the form of DOs and DON’Ts that you’ve got to consider.


Things you should DO are:

  • Personalize the emails you send by doing things like personalizing the recipient’s name, the contents and offers that send.
  • Ensure that you keep your e-Marketing very relevant to your customers, so that your customers will look forward to your emails.
  • Begin using e-Marketing immediately and remain consistent with your use of it.
  • Ensure that you keep your messages appropriately brief.
  • Keep the HTML graphics you use, small.
  • Send a direct link to the content that you want to refer to in your email.
  • Give your customers something in return for them giving you their information.
  • Track the links and other campaign activity via e-Marketing.
  • Always test your email marketing to see how you can better it.


Things that you DON’T do in your emails are:

  • Go overboard with your methods of personalization – that’s a big no-no. It can actually drive away your customers away.
  • Implement email technologies without having them professionally done. If they’re not done properly, it can negatively impact your brand’s success.
  • Telling your customers, you’re going to do one thing in your emails, when you won’t be able to keep that promise.
  • Emulate graphics, in text messages, with the use of characters and symbols.
  • Use the cc: function to send out emails to your customer list.


Remember, that as a marketer, your goal is to engage, inspire and stick with your audience. Your ultimate goal is to convert them. If you need help with this or any online marketing service, you can give us a call! Our website marketing company has the skills to take your SEO, email marketing, social marketing, and business to new heights and dominate your market. Check us out today for all of your marketing needs and more! We’re always willing to help!