Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Interested in helping small businesses with their online marketing and advertising? Digital Growth is looking for 300+ people in Grenada over the next 24 months who want to start a full time career in Digital Marketing or wants to make extra money on the side.  Anyone can become a Digital Growth Contractor as long as they get certified!

Why Work for Digital Growth?

Work From Home

All you need is an internet connection and laptop computer to start earning money with Digital Growth. Choose from 10 different marketing positions to get certified and trained in.

Have More Time

Set your own schedule! Only work in the evenings, work in the monrings  or work full time hours every week. You are your own boss and we contact you with new jobs when you are available.

Make More Money

Depending on your skill level and experience we pay $6.50 – $20/hour EC to start. By passing our certification courses you become more valuable to the company and will make more money.

How it Works

1. Apply to a Marketing Division: We offer a wide range of positions so choose from, so go with what interestes you the most to start working with us.

2. Become Certified in a Division: For those accepted we will run you through workshops, training and testing to become certified in your Marketing Division.

3. Start to Recieve new  contracts: As new contracts come in you will be notified of the job and the project will be assigned to you to be completed.   

4. Get paid to complete contracts: Every month  get paid out for all the contracts you have completed. Track your pay, hours and projects all online.

1. Available Positions

Choose a division and get started in a new career with Digital Growth. There are 10 divisions to choose from below. In order to become a Digital Marketing contractor you must become certified in a division, we offer free digital marketing certification training and workshops to applicants who who want to start a new career.

Web Design

This division is responsible for building new websites  using WordPress, HTML & CSS.  Example: Create a standard 5 page website for a local bakery.

Graphic Design

This division is responsible for designing online material and printed material using Photoshop. Example: Design business cards for local flower shop.

Social Marketing

This division is responsible for writing social posts for Facebook, twitter, Linked-in Etc. Example: Write social posts for local clothing store with images.

Content Marketing

This division is responsible for writing content for web pages and blog articles. Example: Write blog for local car wash on how to properly wax a car.

IT Support

This division is responsible for setting up databases, servers, email addresses and backups. Example: setup new email address for local real estate company.

Web Maintenance

This division is responsible for updating websites for clients with changes using the Divi 3.0 Theme. Example: Upload new menus on website for a local restaurant.

Business Branding

This division is responsible for creating buiness names, logo concepts and overall image of a business.  Example: Create an image for a law firm specializing in family law.

Search Marketing

This division is responsible for modifing websites to increase website traffic from search engines. Example: Get ranked #1 on Google for “toronto restaurants” etc.

Email Marketing

This division is responsible for designing automated email marketing campaigns. Example: Write a monthly newsletter for local car dealership.

Software Support

This division is responsible for writing PHP and Javascript code to customize cloud based software. Example: Add feature to allow exporter to track orders.

Why we Operate in Grenada?

Co-Founder Cory Francis (Vincent) Zufelt is half Grenadian and Canadian. He was raised in Grenada from 1985 – 2000 to a Grenadian father (Tangie) and Canadian mother (Laurie).  His mother re-married to Jeff Fisher and both his Grand Mother (Jean Fisher) and Sister (Lexi Fisher) also live in Grenada. Cory is now 31 years old and on a mission to make a major impact to the Grenadian economy over the next 20 years.

Co-founder Shawn Gervais is Aboriginal (Native Canadian) and has always had a love for the Caribbean sun. He now lives here in Grenada with his Wife (Shana Gervais) and two daughters Gabriella and Marianna. Shawn is also on a quest to help improve the lives of Grenadians in a big way.

The Founders are looking for like minded individuales to create a culture of enterprenurship in science and technology to help foster new high-tech startups that can be built and marketed on a Global scale, starting with Digital Growth an Online Marketing Agency. There vision is to create the high-tech hub of the Caribbean in Grenada, calling it “Silicon Island”. To contact Cory or Shawn directly please email or

2. Training & Certifications

To become a certified Digital Contractor you must complete the Certified Training you choose to start your career in. Once you have completed the training with an 85% or higher, you can branch off into other Divisions to increase your skill set. Your goal as a Digital Marketing Expert, is to be as skilled as possible in the industry.

The more training you have the more valuable you become to the company and the more money you will earn. Someone who has completed all 10 certifications will make significantly more money than someone who has only 1 certification.  We are looking for people who want to make a career by being a Digital Marketing Expert.

About Digital Growth

Digital Growth is a results-driven digital marketing company that is passionate about helping small businesses increase their online marketing presence and overall sales with affordable pricing. Our proven marketing principles and strategies combined with the latest tactics allow our clients to grow their business with trusted local experts that have a track record of success. Our founders have over 20 years of combined experience in web design, software development and digital marketing. They have helped thousands of businesses increase leads and sales since 2006.

3. Project Assignment

Once you have become certified in a specific division we will start sending you contracts. The average contract takes 10 hours to complete. So on any given week you could have 40 hours worth of jobs/projects to complete.  Each Digital Contractor will have their own secured login information to our online system. From here you will be able to view the project/task details and mark off completd once you are done. You will also be able to track your hours and pay right from the system. There is also a messaging centre when you need to communicate ith Head Office.

Digital Promoters

Across Canada we are looking for 78 people who represent Digital Growth, they are the sales force behind Digital Growth. These Digital Promoters sell our Products and serives face-to-face to local businesses in different cities in Canada. The people who produce the products and services are all the Digital Contractors located in Grenada.  Over the next 36 months we will be working with 1% of all Small Businesses in Canada, a total of 11,700 businesses. Our goal is to service these customers to the best of our ability.

4. Payment

We pay out our Digital Contrctors every month for all the projects they have completed. Pick up a cheque from head office or get the money directly deposited into your bank account. Once you have been with the company for 24 months and are in good standings you will quilify to recieve a % of the profit in the company as an annual bonus.

Start Your Digital Marketing Career Today!

Online Marketing and Advertising is one of the hottest industries in the world right now. About half of small businesses plan to invest more in their websites in 2017, and half plan to increase their web advertising budgets by 2018. The Digital Marketing industry is only getting bigger, get started today.