You should know that your customers and customer’s experience are EVERYTHING! If you’re a smart brand, you would know that everyone has a share in customer experience. That’s why you need to pay particular attention to it and take the appropriate steps that will help to make your business a more customer-focused one.


Customers now experience a brand’s services over a vast spectrum. That’s why they can choose to engage with you on so many levels, whether it is physically, digitally, via your social channels, via your on-domain communities or via your customer service team – it’s their choice.


You must remember to give your customer absolute priority and also keep in mind that you must remind every member of your organization that customer experience is their responsibility as well.  Get everyone involved on making your customer’s experience a great one!


Get acquainted with social media analyses and reporting – you need it, so you need to see the value of it. You can learn so much by analyzing your social media channels. It can help you to understand the cares and concerns of your loyal customers and your unhappy customers as well (because you need them just as much). With that knowledge, you can take steps to make their experience much better.


Focus on empowering community experts: Believe it or not, you have some pretty loyal customers who are willing and able to help you make your brand a success. You definitely need to make those folks happy. Give them better customer service by giving them tools that help them to become unofficial brand ambassadors – resource, training and incentives will do the trick!


Use mobile to get real-time results. It’s great to offer your customers the option of using their favorite little gadget – their smart phones. Everyone has one these days and that’s a great opportunity for your brand. This enables you to create a better relationship between you and your customer, which is exactly what you need. They can interact with you in real-time, not just when they decide to sit in front of their computers.


There must be communication among all systems. Ensuring that all your systems can relate and communicate with each other effectively is a big part of customer experience. You should know that “…it’s critical that your frontline social service, support and POS systems are in lockstep with your enterprise-wide CRM systems to ensure that information and insights can both travel faster and be accessible anytime, anywhere across your organization.” This will increase their satisfaction with the experience they received from your company.


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