Marketers may make a lot of mistakes on the design they use for their website. These mistakes may seem simple, but they may actually be very costly to your website design. You’ll see the effects of the mistakes, possibly in the lack of interaction from your audience, in the unimpressive SEO rankings and more.

  • A big mistake would be a bad search, which are associated with search engine which are overly literal can reduce usability, because they aren’t able to handle errors and any other variants of the query terms.
  • The mistake of not answering your users’ questions – they want to feel like they have accomplished their goal of having found out something about your product/service that can help you solve their problem.
  • Another mistake is a PDF File for Online Reading – users simply can’t stand when they come across a PDF file when they’re browsing. It interferes with the natural flow of their browsing, saving or printing documents.
  • The mistake of not changing the color of visited links is another problem you should try to avoid. Visitors will want to know the past and present locations so that they would be able to decide which link they want to check out next.
  • There’s another mistake you don’t want to make is non-scannable text. Not everyone wants to read each and every detail of your content. Some just want to quickly scan through the information and gather the main ideas.
  • Another big mistake is a fixed font size, which reduces the ability for people to comfortable read your text, because its most likely very small.
  • The mistake of page titles with low search engine visibility lessens your users’ ability to find your website on search engines.

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