A call-to-action is just what its name implies. It invites viewers to take steps towards making a purchase of a service or product that the business is offering. This is pretty much what all businesses want. That’s why it’s a good idea to focus on increasing your conversion with them in your email marketing campaign.


Email marketing is one of the most reliable aspects of online marketing, that’s why we want you to focus on it so much. Read on to see how you can invite people to conversion by using call-to-action strategies.


  1. Add an image to your email: Did you know that using images in your campaign can really improve your conversion rate? Your viewers prefer to click the image instead of reading through a long text. You need to remember however, that some of your recipients may have turned images off and that isn’t good for your campaign.


  1. Repeat your links: Increase the number of links in your email campaign. Some businesses think it looks like spam, but it actually does work to convince your visitors to take action.


  1. Be careful what you say: You need to be cautious how you choose your call-to-action words. Every word counts and your readers seem to like phrases that take them straight to the point (the less wordy, the better). Try phrases like these – “Download now”, “Buy now”, “Sign up today”.


  1. Size matters: The size of your call-to-action buttons or images can have a big effect on the likelihood of people clicking on them. Be careful not to make them too small for the clients to see them immediately. They must stand out from the rest of your email.


  1. Focus on the psychological aspects: The need for urgency is a great psychological tactic that you can use to get people to take action. Using time pressure associated with a deadline is a great way to create a sense of urgency.



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